Metaverse Interiors

The sky is no longer the limit.

Metaverse Interiors create spaces where the real and the virtual world become one. Access to a digital reality where distinct artistic movements reveal the versatility and adaptability of TAPIS Studio's unique handmade rugs. Metaverse interiors merge a plethora of design styles in a warm, welcoming, and surprising space.



Lavish, glamorous, and wittily modern, the Miami style dining room brings a distinctive Art Deco flair to this virtual dining space. Rooted in the coastal lifestyle, the color palette is crude. This neutral color arrangement makes it easy to mix statement design pieces with traditional or modern pieces while metallic accents add a glamorous touch.



Timelessness with luxurious touches creates the comfort and glamour of a dining space designed to celebrate love and life in style and comfort. In many ways, the dining room embodies the famous interior design Miami style, surrounded by beautiful views that bring an Art Deco flair.



The artistic dining presents us with an exquisite dining room with a prime feeling for luxury interiors, provided by high-end materials, elegant finishes, and creative pieces that will transport your dining experience to the next level of gratification. In the metaverse interiors, this dining room is a desirable place of joy and happiness where family gathers and remarkable memories are collected.



A luxury foyer that conveys new interior aesthetics. This art deco entryway blends a traditional interior design layout with the theatrical sensibilities of a contemporary setting. Every design detail is a picturesque performative act. The bent shapes ascend into new manifestations of interior design with many artistic influences. The Nouveau entryway focuses on staging an interior that nourishes an ever-evolving design narrative in the metaverse interiors.



Royal Green Living Room is a remarkable design interior, luxurious and mysterious, unexpected but confident. The green hues evoke an immersive experience with the peaceful natural scenario surrounding this metaverse modern living area. This connection is discovered through green details, textures, and patterns. Each piece was beautifully handcrafted, with one-of-a-kind detail that can make all the difference in any contemporary interior.



Surrender into a classic bedroom, and fall in love with every detail from the sleeping to the living area. The green hues, blush details, refined materials, rich colors, and wallpaper design make this metaverse interior a romantic space. Explore our metaverse rooms and discover statement design pieces that can transform the bedroom into a little wonderland.



The purpose of NeoModern House is to exhibit a metaverse interior design style where comfort and utility are emphasized. The high-end furniture and items displayed at the NeoModern house have midcentury modern elements. Still, their primary purpose is functional rather than aesthetic, giving any a stylish appearance in this sense.



Advocating that home is a space of contemplation, the NeoGothic metaverse tour aims to fill homes with meaningful, sculptural, exclusive furniture and decorative objects. The metaverse interiors will make you discover rich textures, beautiful patterns, and incredible shapes.



The NeoCraft brings back the romanticism within the Arts and Crafts movement. These metaverse interiors focus on simplicity and classics to achieve a timeless home concept. It's a home with minimalist architecture and modern-style rooms; quietness is thick and tangible, leaving your mind at ease and the feeling that life is simple.