About Us

The House of Future Living

HOUSE OF HOMMÉS is the home of unique and bold design brands that share the same ultra-modern lexicon. Tailored to comprehensive lifestyles, HOUSE OF HOMMÉS creates modern furniture, bold decor objects, luxe pet accessories, stylish rugs, and sophisticated wallpapers & fabrics featuring rich patterns and refined textures, paying particular attention to how they fit in the same space.

House for Everyone

At HOUSE OF HOMMÉS, we believe that extraordinary living should be accessible to all. Our multidisciplinary team is committed to providing personalized support and guidance to interior designers and design enthusiasts alike, helping them create beautiful and functional spaces that reflect their unique style and vision. Additionally, we offer a trade program for professionals to streamline their projects and enhance their clients’ designs.

House Envision

We strive to be the destination of choice for design enthusiasts and professionals who value modern and functional design, craftmanship knowledge, and industrial innovation, all brought together in one place, home.

Designs' Aesthetics

We are committed to offering our enthusiasts high-quality design that are functional and stylish, providing a unique and memorable experience of living. Our ultimate goal is to elevate the design’s aesthetics for futuristic modern homes inspiring our customers to create unique living spaces that reflect their individuality and personal style.

Future Living

HOUSE OF HOMMÉS is where future living is made easy. A one-stop shop with an eye-catching and comprehensive design selection of modern furniture, bold decor objects, luxe pet accessories, vanguardist rugs, sophisticated wallpapers, and elegant fabrics.

Home, an everyday place for an extraordinary living experience.

“Home is not just a place to live, it’s a canvas to express your unique style and personality. At HOUSE OF HOMMÉS, we believe that every home should be a reflection of the extraordinary individuals who inhabit it.”


Hommés Studio

HOMMÉS Studio is born from a skilled merge of visionary identities with distinctive design, art, fashion and pop culture perspectives, from Art Deco, Mid Century, Modern, Maximalist, and Memphis styles.
The studio conveys its inspiration into design pieces that are refreshing and relevant, paying particular attention to how they can fit contemporary spaces with bold and unique identities.

Tapis Studio
Essentials & Vanguardist Rugs

TAPIS Studio was born from the desire to create a multi-personality tapestry brand. A vanguardist brand that is curious about the world. About creativity, art and nature.
TAPIS Studio presents multifaceted collections, offering a rug for every moment, every style, every room and everyone.

Handmade decor objects

ACH Collection is a luxury signature brand by HOUSE of HOMMÉS. Collections of spontaneous and extraordinary objects, from decor to homeware, and scented fragrances, continually seek new design experiences with the philosophy of turning your home lifestyle into your unique experience of living.

Ach 4 Pets
Luxury Pet Accessories

ACH 4 Pets is an extension of the ACH Collection, offering a luxury pet collection of fancy beds and bowls that reflect its owner's lifestyle and home decoration as well-designed as the home furniture. Perfectly suit eclectic styles and complete the home project with exceptional care for our four-legged friends.

Gallery Design Store
Sophisticated Wallpapers & Elegant Fabrics

Gallery Design is a luxury brand that offers a wide range of sophisticated wallpapers and elegant fabrics featuring rich patterns and refined textures, evoking emotions and bringing a warm touch to any interior.
Focused on reinventing the house of tomorrow by displaying a curated collection of wallpapers alongside carefully selected fabrics with exceptional quality and unique details.

Ach 4 Pets
Gallery Design Store